Friday, November 2, 2012

Remember that God, not Satan, is in control

     Some say that the demons control affairs on earth.  Not so, says St. John Chrysostom.  you're lucky God doesne't really let the deomons take over.

     The sun is not more obvious than the providence of God.  Nevertheless, some people dare to say that demons control our affairs.
     What can I say? You have a loving Master.  He chooses to be blasphemed by these words, rather than to hand your affairs over to the demons, and show you by real experience how demons govern.  Then you would really know how wicked they are by experiencing it yourself.
     But I can show you by a little example.  Certain men who were possessed by demons came out from the tombs to mee Christ, and the demons kept begging him to be allowed to enter the herd of swind.  And he allowed them, and they went away, and immediately drove them off a cliff (Mathew 8:28-34)
     Tha's how demons govern! And yet the swine weere of no real importance to them.  But with you there is always war without truce, and an implacable fight, and undying hatred.  And if they would not even allow creatures with whom they had nothing in common a brief breathing saping in time, what wouldn't they have done if they had got us into their power - us, their enemies, who are always stinging them? What incurable evil would they have accomplishedf?
     This is why God let them fall on that herd of swine: so that you could learn their wickedness from what they did to the bodies of irrational animals.  It's obvious to everyone that they would have done to the possessed what they did to the swine, irf the demoniacs in their very amdenes had not experienxcd the providence of God.  So now when you see a manb provoked by a demon, worship the Master.

                         -St. John Chrysostom, Homily 1 on the Power of demons, 6

     Do I remember to thank God for his providence, even when I can't immediatelly see it in action?



Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Starve Stan

Do you take the Lord's name in vain when things go badly?  Satan brings you troubles just to hear you blaspheme, says St John Chrystostom.  But He.s like a begging dog: if you do't throw hi any treats, he'll stop hanging around..

      There are some who, if they meet with any reverse, or are slandered by anyone, or if they fall into any bodily malady, a;ny pain in the foot or head, or any other diseae, immediately blaspheme.  In this way they endure the affliction, but are deprived of the beneift.
     What do you think you're doing, blaspheming against your benefactor and yourself into an abyss of utter destruction?  Nor do you make your suffereing lighter by balasphemingt but you increase it, and make your pain more severe.
     This is why the tempter brings so many misfortunes against you: so that he may lead you into that abyss.  And if he see you blaspheming, how easily does he increase the anguish and make it greater, so that, being afflicted, you may rebel sufferi9ng, the more giving thanks to God,he gives up at once,  sincere for the future he would attack you fruitlesly and in vain.
     Thus the tempter is like a dog waiting at the table.  If he see the man who is eating continually throwing to him some morsel or other from the sihes on the table, he waits patiently.  But if, having waited once or twice, he shold go away without anyting, he gives up for the future, because he has waited fruitlessly and in vain.  ou starve him, so to speak, and quickly drive him away and make him flee.

                                                   -St. John Chrysostom, Four Discourses, 3:7

Have I fallen into habits of using bad language when things go wrong?
Have I made any sincere effort to change those habits?

Lord, may your holy, precious, glorious name be blessed in all things and by all people.


Endure Temptation - it's God's training for you!

The devil makes use of temptation - the word means "testing" - to lure us to hell.  But God test us, says Dionysius, to train us for heaven.

     In general it seems true that it's not possible for anyone to keep from experiencing evil completely.  As someone says, "the whole world is in the power of the evil one" (1 John 5:19), and again, "their span is but toil aned tgrouble" (Psalm 90:10).
     But, you might ask, what's the difference between being tempted and falling or entering into temptation?
     Well, if ou're overcome by evil - and you will be overcome unless you struggle against it yourself, and unless God protects you with his shield - then you have entered into temptation.  You're in it; you're under its power like a prison.   But if you hold up and endure, then you certainly are tempted, but you haven't entered into temptation, or fallen into it.
     Thus Jesus was led by the Spirit, certainly not to enter into tempation, but to be tempted by the devil.  And again, Abraham did not enter into temptation, nor did God lead him into temptation, but he did tempt (that is, test) him; yet he did not drive him into temptation.  Moreover, the Lord himself tempted - that is, tested - the disciples.
     This the evil one, when he tempts us, pulls us into the temptations, because he deals himself with the temptations of evil,  But God, when he tests us, brings temptations or trials as one who is not tempted by evil.  For God, as it says, "cannot be tempted with evil" (James 1:13).  So the devil drives us on by force, pulling us toward destruction; but God leads us by the hand, training us for our salvation.
                                       -St. Dionysius of Alexandria, Gospel According to Luke 22:45-46

What temptations will I probably face in the rest of the day?
How can I use those opportunities to get in shape for heaven?

God who made the universe and everything in it, have mercy on me and wash away my sins, and save me in the time of trial.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twelve Wise Sayings from the Book of Proverbs

1. Don't take advantage of the poor just bcos you can.

2. Don't make frenz with people who have hot, violent tempers.

3. Don't promise to be responsible for someone else's debt.

4. Never move an old boundary mark that your ancestors established.

5. Be wise enough not to wear yourself out trying to be rich.

6. Don't try to talk sense to a fool, he can't appreciate it.

7. Pay attention to your teacher and learn all you can.

8. Don't hesitate to discipline children, a good spanking won't kill them.

9. Don't be envious of sinful people, let reverence for the Lord be the concern of your life.

10. Don't be glad when your enemies meet disaster, nd don't rejoice when they stumble.

11. Listen to your father; without him you would not exist, when your mother is old, show her your appreciation.

12. Wise saying are too deep for stupid people to understand.

Always have faith in God and sing with me saying .................

The storm is over, the storm is over now...........

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Always Move Forward No Matter How Difficult!

In the Yangtze River waves push the waves ahead; so in life new people constantly replace the old ones. Life IS change!  Go with the Flow. ... Hang in there!

Change is Important

Change means movement. Movement means friction.  Only in the frictionless vacuum of a nonexistent abstract world can movement or change occur without that abrasive friction of conflict!  Buckle Up.  Go with the flow! 


"When you want something in life, you have to focus." Roslyn McMillan, Writer

Adapt to Change

Adapt yourself to changing circumstances!